Farnley Estate Fishing

Late availability day ticket fishing on the Farnley Estate can now be purchased by clicking here!

Edwards of Hexham strongly recommends the fantastic Farnley Estate for anyone, visiting or local, who is looking to catch a big salmon on the prolific River Tyne.

Farnley is a fun and friendly business that welcomes the discerning client. Their principal offering is salmon fishing on the River Tyne, and it is a truly beautiful place where you can learn to relax and leave your cares behind.

Farnley Estate Corbridge is a place to make new friends. Enjoy our tranquil world in miniature tucked away in our own secret valley on the River Tyne.

The fishing on the Farnley Estate is arranged in 3 day lets and its a 3 rod salmon beat as a full let, they don’t do day lets and welcome the discerning angler and their party.  They encourage fly fishing and spinning is allowed when the rock is covered opposite the fishing hut.  The pools are generally easy wading but bring a stick, life preserver and a net large enough for big salmon, the average fish weights on the Tyne are probably the best in the UK.  If you are interested just drop the guys at Farnley a line on and they will see what is available in their diary.  Please be aware demand is high on the main Tyne and the beat is quite well known so don’t delay, and note they don’t permit booking the beat through any third parties!

A deposit of £200 secures your let and they can arrange refreshments, taxis, guides and barbeques is needed!  If the river is flooded or bone dry they can offer fishing on the trout lakes for additional fee, and they may even be able to put on some clays if the fancy takes you.

The Farnley Estate also runs a syndicate for their prestigious 3 trout lakes (located just back from the river bank).  Each lake (The Lagoon, The Big Lake, and the Stalking Lake) offers a different challenge for the discerning angler.   Contact the Farnley office to find out more!

Visit the Farnley Estate website to find out more!

And this is me getting hold of (and landing – although the video doesn’t show it!) an 18lb Tyne Springer on 10th April 2017 on the Farnley Estate – Graeme Edwards.


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